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December 18, 2004

midgets and cockfighting

Okay. You know how I said that I was going to take a break from dating till after Christmas? Well, I lied.

So, had a first date with a fellow from the neighborhood, and it was quite promising. Especially the part where I drove him the 4 blocks to his house since it was godawful cold and then he kissed me for the next hour or so. He enjoyed the kissing so that he actually offered to pick me up from the airport when I return. While I don't doubt my skills in the kissing department (indeed, I have been made to understand they are formidable), I'm pretty sure that the four cocktails he had were speaking for him.

In any case, he was bright, attractive and funny, tall, not a women's footwear fetishist, not brooding, not angst-ridden and not moody. He likes midgets (who doesn't?) and roosters. Well, he thinks it's funny to call roosters "cocks" since it's, like, the only time you can say that word in polite company. Good stuff.

I haven't packed and still need to clean the apartment. Tomorrow is really going to suck.

I'll try to post every so often, but it might be sporadic... Happy holidays!!!

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