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August 14, 2005

weekends should be longer

Working is entirely overrated. I've totally had it with the Protestant Work Ethic and am ready to apply for citizenship in Australia since I hear they get 6 months per year after a certain number of years.


Okay, it's probably just the heat.

And I really ought to be in a better mood about having to go back to work tomorrow since I spent the majority of the weekend in the company of B2. He is delightful company! We did some bargain hunting, caught The Aristocrats, and his mad skeeball skills won me a stuffed animal. Also, still experiencing no fear on the weekends (and occasionally some week nights). Which is totally nice. I should let you all know that he now knows about the blog, and I'm pretty damn sure that, by now, he's read each and every post dating back to July 2004 (I left his house right before 2 pm today so he's had time). If you're reading this now, B2, welcome. And perhaps I should apologize in advance...

Tonight, The Alabama Slama is staying at Chez Whiskypants as she has some training in town tomorrow. She treated me to a lovely dinner at City Lights of China, where they have the most delicious vegetarian egg rolls and shrimp with cashews.

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