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July 16, 2006

# 300 - casting aspersions on my libido

I might be quite wrong, but I believe that I have been accused of being insatiable. Obsessed with sex. Constantly frisky. And not in a good way.

Again, I might have misinterpreted the comment. But I'm also of the opinion that there's a wee bit of truth behind most teasing.

Granted - I do a fair bit of whining here about dating and sex. The blog somewhat fairly represents the non-myriad issues that have plagued/interested me for the past couple years, but if I am coming off so one-dimensional then things need to change.

On the other hand, I absolutely bridle at the idea that normal and healthy women should not have libidos or express their desires; that it is just fine for older men to run after young women a la Benny Hill, but it is undignified for older women to pursue younger men. The NY Times has an article regarding a movie on this subject - read it before it expires. I'm including a particularly salient part:

Ms. Rampling, who at 60 is still a woman of erotic allure, said by phone: "There's an awful lot of pressure around the idea of a woman growing older and therefore losing that potential of being desirable, and that puts women into a situation where they feel almost embarrassed about the fact they don't have the kind of bodies that young women have, or they don't have the kind of sexual attraction that seems to go with a younger stage of their life.

"What does that mean, the fact that you're older? It means that you're not going to have the same kind of relationships you had when you were younger. I think we have to reinvent from a woman's point of view another way of being." [Emphasis mine.]

At 35, I don't exactly fall into the film's demographic, but agree that we do need to consider female sexuality more fairly. I'm no Peg Bundy, but I'm no June Cleaver either.

Jeez. Way to kill my frisky.

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