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July 05, 2006

do you know what 'stout gout' is?

Well, until today, I didn't either. It turns out that, in addition to its various health benefits, Guinness can make you a little gassy. Also, based on internet (not personal) research, one version might have a laxative effect. The Slama, who just got back from Ireland, informs me that the Irish joke about this phenomena.

So, there I was at Elephant and Castle yesterday with the British Bombshell and her British Boyfriend. (The Brits LOVED meeting at a faux English pub.) Watching Germany and Italy fight it out in the World Cup, surrounded by foreigners, and drinking Guinness. Very patriotic stuff. I've never had more than two in one sitting, so I had no idea the world of hurt that was to be delivered after having a salad at lunch, 3 or 4 Guinnesses (Guinnessi?) over the span of the afternoon, and enchiladas for dinner (and I left the refritos alone)...

Also, I don't recall the last time I had a hangover only 5 hours after I started drinking - I only had only drank 3-4 (perhaps 5, but the last one was really just half a Tecate), but it was a four-aspirin night. Yet, I was fine this morning. Most strange, this Guinness.

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