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December 21, 2004

news flash

Hanging out with a nearly-five-year-old is only slightly easier than hanging out with a nearly-four-year-old.

Getting this boy to do anything beyond playing with his thousands of army guys is a bit of a challenge. We're going to give the movies a shot today, but not the one that I really want to see. Sister of Whiskypants seems to think that the Lemony Snicket movie might be too scary for her precious babe. My position is that The Nephew sees way scarier stuff on his video games and football games. Since it's a bad idea to upset pregnant women, we're gonna go see The Polar Express, which looks way creepier if you ask me. And not in a good way. But the concept of Santa Claus has kept The Nephew in line this year...

Well, I'd better go save the dog now. It sounds like The Nephew is having some sort of smackdown up there.

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