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January 29, 2005

rockstar-in-training, expert yenta

The Bunny has kindly offered to sponsor me in my pursuit of rockstardom. My training began last night with TMS serving as wingchick. While we weren't necessarily successful (it's rather difficult to find eligible straight men to talk to at ABBA tribute shows, fyi), I think it was a very good start. I'm headed out to Naptown this evening (weather permitting) to attend The Bunny's Rockstar Dojo.

It appears, however, that I am an excellent matchmaker! TMS and The Bunny appear to enjoy each other's company a great deal. I think it helps to have a go-between to say stuff like, "OMG, he thinks you're 'smokin' hot'," and "She was completely amused by your display of jackassery. She also thinks it's sweet that you were an altar boy. You're so totally golden." They better name their first child after me.

This afternoon will be spent in more cultured surroundings (compared to the ABBA tribute show). TMS and I are attending a birthday tea in honor of Yet To Be Named, The tea will be at The Four Seasons, and I understand that they have one of the top ten teas in the country.

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