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January 06, 2005

new years post-mortem

Finally, one of my favorite bloggers has posted about the The Bunny's party-to-end-all-parties.

For some reason, Le Fox did not get the opportunity to meet Yet To Be Named that night. This is a shame, as I feel he really would have appreciated her subtle and sharp wit. I don't think he got to meet Wee Lass either, but her celebratory style is more stealthy. He mentions meeting the vivacious TMS and sexy-as-hell TAS... Also, he calls me lovely and charming which makes me feel that he saw right into my soul.

[Hey - no vomiting at this blog. We're strictly a tongue-in-cheek operation here. Sometimes we're a tongue-in-other-places operation, but you already knew that.]

Also, one of Bunny's pals has posted some photos, which I will be sharing behind the scenes...

This weekend we've got MoL's birthday and some hardcore 80's britpop dancing at The Black Cat. Who's coming to watch TMS do the mollyringwald?

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