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December 29, 2004

dire straits

And I'm not talking about the supergroup from the 80's. I'm talking about the past 11 days I've spent in suburbia. While hanging out with the family is sweet for a while, I've had my fill. Rather, I've had my fill of babysitting. It's exhausting. And I haven't gotten any of my training done for New Years Eve.

The combination of living la vida vanilla and lack of training is of concern. I'm in such need of debauchery that I fear for myself. I really needed to ramp up slowly to New Years. Perhaps I will have to go visit the gentleman who so kindly snogged with me in my car right before I left.

TAS - You're in charge of making sure we bring gatorade and aspirin.

TMS - I have no idea what you're in charge of. Maybe of making sure I drink plenty of water on Friday night.

Wee Lass - You're in charge of snarking. I have great expectations.

We still need a handle for the friend who will be staying at the B&B with us...

Well, I've gotta get back to watching Elf with my nephew. Everytime I come back from doing laundry or whatever, I find him stagediving off the couch. The dog will no longer leave my side for fear that he will be used as a landing pad. I hope Sister of Whiskypants doesn't mind that I've fed The Nephew on pretzels and brownies today, but I intend to leave my mark as the best. aunt. ever.

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