Look, I'm not doing this for you, but for my own dark and twisted reasons. Oh, and because everyone else is doing it.


January 12, 2005

twistedly sweet

I really love my friends. CamillaParkerBowles and I exchanged our Christmas tzotchkes today. She got earrings and I got the most fantastically funny handbag. She always gets me the coolest things. This one comes from David and Goliath Tees, and while it does not look like this or this, you get the general idea. [In case you are male or just Gen X - at least, I think I'm Gen-X-, it is a play on the Hello Kitty crazily happy Japanese merchandise. I prefer the crazy to the happy, which might go a long way towards explaining why I'm still single.]

And now, for something completely different... (and thanks to the Fox's blogger-friend, Red)

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