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January 18, 2005

belgian drinks

A while back, a trip to my neighborhood's new Belgian restaurant introduced me to lambic. I don't care if any of you consider this delectable adult beverage to be a sissy drink. I likes it. A lot.

What is a lambic, you ask? Well, it's like a fruit beer. But not in the raspberry wheat sense of a fruit beer. If done well, they're not too sweet and fruity. Ah, hell. I even like the sweet and fruity ones. But the cassis and framboise ones are the best.

The Bunny cooked for The Multicultural Spitfire and me over the weekend. We had bleu cheese steaks, olive bread, some of the best sauteed mushrooms ever, and green beans. After drinking what seems like 30 bottles of wine, we then closed down one of his neighborhood local pubs and I kissed a stranger. Bloody awesome weekend. I'm so moving to Annapolis.

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