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February 06, 2005

my greatest x

A la The Bunny's latest missive (I'm such a friggin' follower):

The Best Wine I've Ever Drank Straight From the Bottle: I don't think I've ever had wine directly from the bottle. But there was this bottle of 1987 Renaissance Winery Cabernet Sauvignon (that was discovered on Congressional Staffer/Air Force boondoggle)...

The Best Comfort Food I've Ever Had: It's a tie between mashed potatoes with gravy and Milka chocolate bars.

The Best Temperature I've Ever Felt: Washington DC on a crisp Autumn day - somewhere in the 50's with no humidity. The leaves have all changed but are mostly clinging to their branches still and the sky seems like it's never been so blue.

The Best Rock Concert I've Ever Attended: Was the Rolling Stones Steel Wheels tour in 1989 during my first semester at Clemson. The worst was the Guns n Roses concert where the crowd rioted after Axel had a little shitfit about a fan having a camera and refused to return to the stage. I took my little sister and one of her high school classmates to that concert, and it was a tad scary.

The Best Beer I've Ever Had: Can I substitute ale for beer? If so, I pick the cassis lambic that I had on Friday night (during an outstanding first date).

The Best Snack Food I've Ever Had: Okay. I've never had a consistent favorite. But during high school, when I was thin and could eat anything I damn well wanted, I loved frozen Snickers bars.

The Best Bullshit Excuse For Not Calling Me I've Ever Heard: Can't recall. If I'm the one not doing the calling, I usually throw out the good ole, "I have no excuse; I'm such a bad friend." This generally elicits the good ole, "You're not a bad friend!" Just another example of how the truth is almost always the best route.

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