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August 16, 2005

sobriquet search

Considering my limited readership, this may not be the best idea...

Oyez! Oyez! B2 needs a nickname (it has been a month and we still like each other - it is time). A nom de plume. A sobriquet. An alias.

I've thrown out a few at the man to see how they feel, and none have yet stuck. I've tried:
  • The Freshmaker (he bought me some Mentos),
  • Mr. Fixit (he's pretty handy around the house but it is too cable tv showish),
  • Papi (he's so not Latino), &
  • Cowboy (don't even ask).

He's very cool, so I don't want to saddle him with something embarrassing or banal. Now, it might help if you knew a little more about him so I shall list some descriptive factors:

  • Fantastic eyelashes around big blue eyes (I covet his eyelashes)
  • Likes pro football
  • Does yoga (very bendy)
  • Kind to a fault
  • Has a fondness for Asian culture and spicy foods
  • Thinks Whiskypants has a fantastic rack (he's so right, too)

So, if you have any ideas then I'm all ears. Or all eyes. Whatever. Good ideas will be posted for your mirth and comment. Thanks for your support!

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