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July 23, 2006

bread and butter pickles

The weekend has had its peaks and valleys. It started out nicely with a quick date with the Dog Chauffeur before he took off for some time at his shore place, dipped horribly on Saturday with an acute sinus headache, and then recovered with some beauty and shopping therapy on Sunday (note to the Slama - I finally found a dress for The Spitfire's wedding).

For the next 10 days I will be dry. No drinking. Nada. I'm going to try this Sonoma Diet thing, which seems to be another form of the South Beach Diet. And the Mediterranean Diet. They let you drink on these diets but not for the first 10 -14 days (on average). I have many reservations about diets, but mostly dislike them because they rarely include chocolate, cookies, or booze. I need a chocolate-cookies-booze diet. Wouldn't that be fantastic?

I haven't checked, but I think this [damned] diet plan includes pickles. If not, I'm in trouble since the Chauffeur of Dogs gave me a jar of home canned bread and butter pickles on Friday and they are too lovely to give up.

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