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July 24, 2006

i must be peaking

You know how I said a few posts ago that I was not all about the sex? Well, I may have been wrong. [Eh. Whatever. Not feeling guilty about it.]

The Slama and I are both in our mid-30's. We both seem to be at an apex of sort re our sex lives (well, at least we've been ascending that mountain of bounty - or mountain of booty - for the past few years). This would explain the rather in-depth conversation we had tonight regarding marital aids.

The Slama attended what she likes to call a "tupperware" party on Friday. Riiiiiggghht. Let's call a spade a spade, shall we? It was a (NSFW - especially if you work for Big Brother) Pure Romance party. She bought several items, to include something called Cinnamon Stick Great Head (god I hope this link works or this posting will be for naught). There is something on this website called Like a Virgin that a fellow Alabamian friend of Slama's bought. I would be lying if I said this product didn't sound at all interesting - I'm not the whore of babylon, ferchrissakes, but I'm about 17 years shy of my virginity. Slama and I are eagerly awaiting her report of the product's efficacy.

Slama: I had no idea how many different kinds of vibrators there are!
Me: (in a No-Duh voice) Um, lots?
Slama: (other Bama friend) only has one!!!!
Me: (this would be a sad commentary but she does have a live-in bf and I guess he takes care of business)

We proceeded to inventory our current stocks. I'm winning in the device range, but Slama has way more ointments and stuff. I am looking forward to her scientific and thorough review of each.

Interestingly, the products on this site are far more moderately priced than Babeland or Xandria Collection. I suppose that this kit might be a low-cost easy way to determine my appetite for light bondage, but I think I prefer the Kiki de Montparnasse restraint tape and a good old-fashioned scarf to the cutesy pink crap.

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