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January 24, 2007

stick a fork in this blog

It is done. I'm starting over. This little vanity project has long outlived any bit of usefulness. In addition to tiring not only of the name but my own incessant whining about all sorts of shit nobody cares about, the monotony had begun to wear on my subconscious.

In order to break out of a rut you have to change your behavior... your approach to things. It's not like in the telenovelas where all you have to do is cake on the eyeliner and use the diffuser on your hairdryer. (For some reason, the more maquillaje you've got going on, the more liberated you are. I've tried this and it doesn't work. It only means you have to shell out that much more dough on eye makeup remover and conditioner.)

A new blog has begun. It may be less whiny. It may be more introspective. It may become a forum for the things I want to accomplish. It may suck. Whatever. I won't be providing a link here, so if you want the new url send me a note.

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