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August 22, 2005

the only good thing about high school was the music...

... But keep in mind that I went to high school in the '80's.

In any case, color me happy! Echo and the Bunnymen have a new album coming out! (You can listen to new song clips from their website.) Oh, I almost fondly recall being one of those awkward ninth graders who wanted so badly be a part of the quasi-anti-social-honors-classes-punkrock-new wave-crowd and scribbling the names of Echo and Cure and Violent Femmes and Suicidal Tendencies all over my notebooks. Alas, I was too perky and was forced to hang out with the lower to middle tier popular kids (on the positive side, dating was easier if you weren't anti-social). It was a large high school. Kinda like the one in Heathers. Yep - that was my high school and those were my friends.

I found this joyous musical news while perusing a highly informative music-based DC site. Generally, I'm just trying to keep up with kids today. I'm just barely hanging on, too, but have found a couple interesting groups here and there. The Alabama Slama and I might try to catch Snowden at the Black Cat this weekend... They do a beguiling version of the Zombies' "Time of the Season"...

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